Friday, March 19, 2021

Build your own mining rig

Basic parts list for building your mining rig. All things are customizable here, but this is a basic list that will get you started. If you have old parts laying around, great! With the PCI-e expanders I linked below, you can expand a single PCI-e slot to 4 slots. 

Stay tuned for another post about building your mining rack out of 2x2's from home depot. Don't spend 200$ on one off amazon, build your own for under 10$!



Power button for Motherboard



GPU Risers

PCI-e expanders

Anything 1050ti and above - while the 1050ti's mining coin cababilities are low, they can still mine some easier coins - such as Ravencoin

Otherwise look for at least RTX2060 and up
2080ti's are exellent performers still and are equivalent to a RTX3070

Cooling fans (140mm - higher rpms is the goal to get more airflow)

Cooling fan hub


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