Friday, March 19, 2021

Build your own mining rig

Basic parts list for building your mining rig. All things are customizable here, but this is a basic list that will get you started. If you have old parts laying around, great! With the PCI-e expanders I linked below, you can expand a single PCI-e slot to 4 slots. 

Stay tuned for another post about building your mining rack out of 2x2's from home depot. Don't spend 200$ on one off amazon, build your own for under 10$!



Power button for Motherboard



GPU Risers

PCI-e expanders

Anything 1050ti and above - while the 1050ti's mining coin cababilities are low, they can still mine some easier coins - such as Ravencoin

Otherwise look for at least RTX2060 and up
2080ti's are exellent performers still and are equivalent to a RTX3070

Cooling fans (140mm - higher rpms is the goal to get more airflow)

Cooling fan hub

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Getting started with crypto mining

Want in on the crypto mining craze?

You ask, is my video card capable of any earnings over the power requirements?

The best cards for mining are the new Nvidia RTX 3000 series. The RTX 2000 series can still perform well. For example the RTX 2080ti has the same hashing power as an RTX 3070.

First you'll need somewhere to deposit the crypto that you earn.

I recommend Coinbase for getting started.

My coinbase referral link is

If you purchase 100$ worth of bitcoin, we both get 10$ in bitcoin. Instant 10% return!

Betterhash is extremely simplified to use and it's what you should start with if you're going to mine on a Windows machine.

Before you download and install betterhash, you'll need to create a folder to install it to, that you can exclude from your virus scanner. I recommend using something simple like C:\mining\ and then follow the instructions for your particular software to exclude this folder and any of it's contents. Antivirus software is trained to detect and stop these applications from running in the background without your knowledge.

My betterhash referral link is

Download it to the folder you excluded, then install to the same folder.

Once it starts up it will download the necessary executables and run a test on your hardware to fine the most profitable crypto to mine. 

If this is a PC you're going to use a lot, then I would disable any CPU mining, and only use your GPU.

For setting up the bitcoin deposits, you'll want to use the email address you used to create your coinbase account with.

Can I still game and use my PC? Yes you can, your gaming will take priority over hashing, and mining will just earn less rewards while you're gaming.

Questions? Post below!

Okay, so you want in on the crypto craze?

I suggest starting off with Coinbase as your entry point. It's simple and easy to understand. Go ahead, sign up with my link below and b...